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Crashing a Boeing 747 Jumbo

    The 747 crash shot was an enjoyable VFX shot to do.   We first sat down to look at the various ways of approaching the shot. The planning of a shot is one of the most important parts of the process as it will save lots and lots of time to get to the final completion. Always have a good plan of attack, a good timetable for estimated completion points and delegate the workload to your team efficiently. […]

The Pixel Wasp

Here is a character from a scene we are working on. The Wasp was modeled in mudbox then brought into Maya to be rigged, textured, animated and rendered. Rigging is the process of giving a modelĀ  the ability to move. It is usually accomplished by building an internal skeleton for the model and the binding the model/skin to the skeleton. Then it is time to paint skin weights. This is the process of telling Maya how much a part of […]